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About Naas Vending Services:

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NVS was formed in 1972 as a part-time business, vending cigarette in pubs, hotels etc in the north Kildare area. At the time, the cigarette vending sector was in its infancy. Almost all machines were mechanical, wall mounted, 6 selections, with Wurlitzer electronic machines in some Dublin pubs. A pack of 20 cigarettes cost 28 pence (40 cent).

NVS has always taken a leading role in the development of our industry. In 1974 we began to distribute UK-built Frankowski and Stepgate machines. In 1984 we were instrumental in forming The Irish Cigarette Machine Operators Association. The biggest problem facing operators in those years was converting machines to cope with price rises. Change had to be taped to cigarette packs. Our introduction of PVM battery operated machines was a breakthrough in making these price changes relatively easy.

The introduction of the new £1 coin, which was the same size as the old ‘penny’, made a changeover to electronic equipment imperative. NVS’ introduction of the Azkoyen brand to Ireland in 1989 resulted in a quick transition. Azkoyen soon became the leading large machine here.

NVS has for many years been the largest distributor of cigarette vending machines in Ireland.

In 2003 we designed and arranged the manufacture and supply of the token approved by the Dept of Health to control access to cigarette by minors.

As with all cigarette vending companies, NVS was affected by the 2004 workplace smoking ban, but since then we have diversified and are currently the sole supplier of the Azkoyen retail dispensing machine for John Player & Sons for use in shops countrywide. We also supply the full range of Azkoyen mainline vending machines.

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