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Azkoyen Remote Control Unit:


- The Azkoyen unit is a software integrated unit which means that when the remote control button is pressed the machine activates in the same way as if a token had been inserted (non-integrated systems on the market simply activate the coin validator for a set period of time).

- Because of the above, a given machine can be set to operate on both tokens and remote control ie. The machine will activate when either a token is inserted or the remote control is pressed. This allows the operator to leave a quantity of tokens on site which can be used by staff if the batteries in the remote control run out.

- A machine using this system can also vend non age-controlled products (lighters, phone credit etc.) side by side with tobacco. Non age-controlled products can be vended without the remote control having to be pressed or a token inserted.

- The unit has been in use for several years throughout various countries in Europe and has a proven track record of reliability.

- The unit controls purchases of tobacco products irrespective of whether a coin-mech or bill-reader is used. Bill-readers are already appearing on many vending machines as prices approach the 10 mark and are likely to become increasingly widely used. Most non-integrated systems on the market cannot restrict access to the bill-reader.

- The range is 50 metres and the unit does not require a line of sight to operate.

- The receiver unit is place inside the machine to prevent damage.


- Azkoyen N-range

- Azkoyen Teide Blue range


- A given machine can be activated by either a token or the remote control button.

- The machine de-activates immediately after a vend is completed this leaves no time for a minor to purchase tobacco after an over 18 has completed his/her vend (most non-integrated systems simply remain active for a fixed period of time).

- High-quality, Azkoyen manufactured unit.

- Non-aged controlled products (lighters, call credit) can be vended side by side with tobacco products without requiring remote control activation.

- Works with both coin validators and bill-readers.

- Connects into a single port in the main board extremely easy to install.


- Requires an EPROM upgrade on older N-range models (depending on the version of software on the machine).

- Only compatible with Azkoyen N-range and Teide Blue range.

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