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NVS Remote Control Unit:


- The NVS unit is not integrated with the software in the machine and works by means of switching on the power to the coin validator if the remote control button is not pressed then no power is provided to the validator and coins will simply run through to the reject slot this is similar in principal to most non-integrated systems on the market.

- The advantage of this is that it does not need a software/EPROM upgrade.

- This also makes it more cost-effective.

- When the remote control button is pressed the validator is powered on for either 60 seconds or 120 seconds (as set by the operator) during which time the customer can complete his/her purchase.

- This unit comes with an LED which lights up when the coin validator is activated to show that the machine is ready for a vend.

- The range is 50 metres and the unit does not require a line of sight to operate.

- The receiver unit is place inside the machine to prevent damage.


- Azkoyen - all ranges

- Jofemar


- Cost effective.

- No software upgrade required.

- Compatible with both Jofemar and Azkoyen machines.


- Cannot be operated in parallel with a token.

- Does not control the bill-reader.

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